UNO™ IP Hybrid Alarm Panel & Accessories.


The UNO™ IP Hybrid Alarm panel and accessories are everything you need for a new security installation for your home or business.

If you don't already have a security system or you need to upgrade a security system that is too old to work with the EVL-4CG module or DUO, then the UNO™ IP panel is a the perfect solution.

The UNO™ panel is a powerful, highly configurable, and supports IP connectivity right out of the box and has the option to support RF sensors and LTE backup as well. Get rid of that expensive phone line and use the Internet service you already have.

The UNO™ panel is remotely upgradeable, so you are always up to date, and works with other home platforms such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


Your alarm signals reliably sent to the Monitoring Station over IP or LTE connection.


Get full Interactive Services and system alerts over your IP or LTE connection.

Mobile App

The Connect2Go app allows you to access all the new features or your panel.


Get system event alerts and alarms by email, SMS or push notification


UNO™ Hybrid Alarm Panel. Expandable from 8 to 128 zones

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UNO5108 Zone Expander

The UNO5108 adds up to 8 zones to an UNO Panel.

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UNO8 Zone Expander

The UNO8 adds up to 8 zones to an UNO Panel, EVL-4CG-SA or DUO-UNIVERSAL system.

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UNO-RF433 RF Module

RF module for the UNO panel allows adding RF zone sensors.

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Sidekick LTE

Add a Sidekick LTE for Dual-path peace of mind.

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