Alarm Panel
UNO™ Hybrid Alarm Panel

A new generation IP-based security panel for all your security needs.

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Alarm Accessory
C2GIP Module

Don't replace it, just upgrade it. Make legacy dialer panels into smart IP panels.

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LTE Cellular
Sidekick LTE

Add a Sidekick to an UNO panel or a C2GIP module for Dual-path peace of mind.

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Combine the features of Sidekick LTE and the C2GIP module into one easy to install package.

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SOLO™ Wireless Security System

Powerful, keypadless IP-based security system with easy to install wireless sensors.

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Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors for use with SOLO or UNO Series panels.

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GPS Locator

GPS solution for people or equipment.

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Product Selector

Find the right product

Situation Recommended Product
I have a compatible DSC or Honeywell System and don't need LTE backup. C2GIP
I have a compatible DSC or Honeywell System and plan to use LTE backup soon. DUO-IP/LTE
I have a security system but it is very old or not working and isn't compatible. UNO Alarm Panel
I have an older C2GIP module but now want LTE backup. DUO-IP/LTE
I have an C2GIP already and am interested in LTE cellular backup. Sidekick LTE
I don't have a security system at all. UNO Alarm Panel
I'm looking for a small completely wireless system. SOLO
I'm looking for a simple medical alert system that works with my current Internet. SOLO
I'm looking for a mobile medical alert system (MPERS) with GPS. CG400 GPS
C2GIP or DUO Compatible Security Systems

DSC PowerSeries (1555, 1555 MX, 1575, 5010 (832), 5020 (864), 1616, 1832, 1864)

Honeywell Vista Panels (Vista20P, 21iP, 15P, 10P, 128P, and 250P)