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Secure backup or primary communications over LTE.

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All the power of C2GIP and Sidekick LTE in one package

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Self-contained fully wireless security system

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What we do

IP/RF/LTE solutions for security professionals.

We create simple to use but powerful, professional level security components and services for professional alarm installers.

Connect2Go has been providing alarm dealers and their customers the tools to keep their homes and small businesses safe for well over a decade.

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Our products & services

Solutions & services for today and tomorrow.

Connect2Go Service

Connect2Go standard interactive cloud service.

Connect2Go Plus

Extend the power of the standard service with Plus.


Professional, central station alarm monitoring over IP or LTE.

LTE Cellular

Get DUAL-PATH peace of mind with LTE Cellular backup.

Medical Alert

Both in-home and mobile GPS solutions available.


Track equipment or vehicles.

Product Selector

Find the right product

Situation Recommended Product
I have a compatible DSC or Honeywell System and don't need LTE backup. C2GIP
I have a compatible DSC or Honeywell System and plan to use LTE backup soon. DUO-IP/LTE
I have a security system but it is very old or not working and isn't compatible. UNO Alarm Panel
I have a newer security system but it isn't listed as compatible. DUO Universal
I have an older C2GIP module but now want LTE backup. DUO-IP/LTE
I have an C2GIP already and am interested in LTE cellular backup. Sidekick LTE
I don't have a security system at all. UNO Alarm Panel
I'm looking for a small completely wireless system. SOLO
I'm looking for a simple medical alert system that works with my current Internet. SOLO
I'm looking for a mobile medical alert system (MPERS) with GPS. CG400 GPS