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UNO Stand-Alone Wired Security System

A New Kind of Security

The Connect2Go UNO system converts the C2GIP communicator into a small footprint, standalone, security system, with all the power of a full-size panel.

Expandable from 2 to 30 hardwired zones, and up to 8 highpower programmable outputs, the UNO offers a unique solution for jobs that don’t require a traditional, full-blown panel.

An UNO system starts with a standard C2GIP, but at installation time your dealer chooses the UNO option and the board will reconfigure itself into stand-alone mode.

After that it can be simply used as a tiny 2-zone system or it can be expanded by adding either the UNO4 or UNO8 modules as needed to grow the system out to as many as 30 zones.

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Fully Upgradeable

As new software features become available your UNO system is easily upgraded over the network and automatically keeps itself up to date.

Plays Well With Others

UNO is compatible with many third party automation systems including Amazon's Alexa.

Connect2Go Service

With the addition of the Connect2Go cloud service your control is enhanced and can be extended to anywhere in the world. Connect2Go also allows you to specify e-mail or push notification (using App) contacts to receive alarms, arms, disarms and more.

Product Features

With Connect2Go Service

Monitoring Capable Over IP

UNO supports full UL/ULC grade alarm monitoring over IP. Contact your dealer for details.

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Expand Your System



UNO8 Expansion Board

  • • 8 On-board zones handling EOL and DEOL resistors
  • • 2 High-power, 3A, programmable outputs. No need for external relays!
  • • 1 Analog “dimmable” output
  • • On-board 95dB “keypad” buzzer for audible notifications
  • • Adressable: up to 3 UNO8's can be installed on one system
  • • Stackable for installations that require a small footprint



UNO4 Expansion Board

  • • Same feature as the UNO8 but supports only 4 zones and is not addressable