Connect2Go Stand-Alone IP Security System



Big Security. Small Footprint.

A special mode of the existing Connect2Go IP module transforms it into a small footprint, stand-alone security system, with all the power of a full-size panel without the need for attaching it to an existing DSC or Honeywell system. In this mode the board itself can monitor up to 2 zones and offer all the same IP connectivity and control of the regular Connect2Go solution.

With the expansion modules (available soon) the system will be expandable from 2 to 30 hard-wired zones, and up to 8 high-power programmable outputs.

The Connect2Go standalone IP system offers a unique solution for jobs that don’t require a traditional, full-sized panel.

With its integrated IP communicator, it sends signals directly to your central monitoring staton, as well as allowing end-users to view the status of and control their system through a standard web-browser or smart-phone.

Sometimes two zones are all you need!

It might be a suite in a condo building, a commercial kiosk in a mall, or even an industrial motor; the simple scenarios do not require a full-blown panel to be professionally monitored. With just a Connect2Go IP module, a power supply and a network connection, you will have a professional-grade IP monitoring solution at a fraction of the cost of a full-size panel.

Works With iPhone
Works With Android

Works With Blackberry

Module Features
  • 2-30 Zones
  • 32 Users
  • Up to 8 High-Power Programmable Outputs
  • Anaglog Programmable Outputs offer "dimmable" control
  • Smart-Phone Control
  • Simple to install. On-board LEDs provide all necessary status information.
  • IP Alarm Communicator. Point-to-Point IP signalling to your central station. No third-party required.
  • Built-in basic web server and html user-interface
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Real-time zone status with “time-since-tripped ” feature
  • 100BaseT Ethernet
  • 256 Event Buffer

If you need more zones or more programmable outputs, expand your system by adding up to 4 expansion modules.

8 Zone Expander
  • 8 on-board zones handling EOL and DEOL resistors.
  • 2 high powered, 3A, programmable outputs. No external relays required!
  • 1 Analog "dimmable" output.
  • On-board 95 dB &quotkeypad" buzzer for audible notifications.
  • Addressable: Up to 3 of the 8 zone expanders can be installed on one system.
  • Stackable for installations with tight space requirements.
4 Zone Expander
  • Same features as the 8 zone expander but only supports 4 zones and is not addressable.
IP Monitoring (Optional)

The Connect2Go module allows security dealers to connect your security system to UL/ULC monitoring centres over IP. Perfect for no phone lines situations.

Connect2Go Standard Service

With the Connect2Go standard service you can control your system from anywhere in the world. Connect2Go also allows you to specify up to 30 different e-mail or SMS addresses to receive alarms, arms, disarms and more.

Connect2Go Features
  • Remote Arm (Away & Stay, Quick Arming)/Disarm/Zone Bypass/PGM Control (depending on panel model)
  • Event Logging
  • Receive Alerts by e-mail or SMS.
  • Network Supervision.
  • New “Smart Phone” optimized version of the portal. Works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.
Connect2Go Plus (Optional)

Enhance the power of the your standard Connect2Go Service with Connect2Go Plus.

  • Turbocharge your experience with Priority Packets for faster command processing and status updates.
  • Manage device from the Mobile Portal… Zone Labels, Partitions,Users,Custom Sequences and PGMs.
  • Create and save custom command sequences for one button command execution.
  • Create and save PGM labels for one button PGM execution.
  • Share access to your system with other users you have authorized.
  • CE
  • Complies with FCC 15B:B
  • Complies with ICES-003
  • Power Draw: 65 mA
  • Connectors: RJ45, 4-Terminal Screwdown
  • Dimensions: 10.5 cm (4-3/16″) x 4.2 cm (1-11/16″)
Included In The Box
  • Connect2Go IP Module
  • Mounting Stand-offs
  • Installation Guide